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Article: Glowing skin after a festive night out

glowing skin

Glowing skin after a festive night out

it’s no secret that alcohol and glowing skin don’t mix. Don't let a few over-indulgent evenings have repercussions on your complexion. With that in mind, I’ve put together a few ways to conceal a wild night’s festivities. Just remember — a quick fix will never replace a full night of beauty sleep! ✨

First Things First: Combat Dehydration.
Dehydrated skin is never a good look and it makes for a terrible makeup base. Make sure you’re chasing every cocktail consumed with a glass of water.
I say this a lot!! Wash your face before bed. There’s no concealing an evening filled with bubbles and cocktails if you’re not washing away your makeup before your head hits the pillow.
Third: Replenish While You Sleep.
You can do this with an overnight mask, a deeply nourishing serum or even better both. My favourite iS Clinical Hydracool Serum followed with Optiphi Hydra Derm HA Mask. Both work at replenishing any lost moisture.
Finally: Give Your Skin a Wakeup Call.
This is your sluggish skin saver. Give yourself a quick flash peel in the morning using Optiphi Refinefoliant Before you hop in the shower, pour a teaspoon of the Refinefoliant into the palm of your hands and massage into the skin for 1-2min this is the wakeup call your complexions needs! Finally hop in the shower leaving it on while you’re shower, rinsing just before you’re finished. The peel along with the steam of the shower, will perk up your complexion, give you an excellent base for your makeup and give you the boost you need to face the day. That and a strong cup of coffee!

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