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Article: Dark Circles

Eye care

Dark Circles

Dehydration, stress, poor diet, too much alcohol… your under-eye area reveals your sins! Genes and hereditary factors also come into play. Darker skin tones will experience more pronounced dark circles due to higher levels of pigment. There are many things you can do to help pack up your under-eye bags and send them on their way…Our eyes are surrounded by extremely delicate skin, much thinner than the skin on the rest of our face and body. With almost no oil glands and minimal underlying fat. So regular use of an eye cream to keep the skin plump and supple is essential. An under-eye cream containing retinol will work wonders to rebuild collagen and support the recovery of skin volume and firmness ( try iS Clinical Youth eye complex 💙). Invest in an cream eye mask or eye treatment patches if you’re skin is particularly thin or dehydrated. (tip: iS Clinical Youth Serum can be applied on the whole face including the eye area and eye lid an excellent extra treatment for the eye area)
For professional treatments there are a couple of options. I recommend a simple enzyme or lactic acid peel which will brighten and hydrate, stimulate collagen, in turn plumping, thickening and reinforcing the skin – while removing
unwanted pigment and to both lighten and brighten the area.
DIY solutions like cold cucumber slices on the eye are effective in de-puffing, which can lessen the severity of dark circles. If you’re out of cucumber, try soaking two tea bags in warm water, then leaving these to chill for 10 minutes in the fridge. Place one tea bag on each eye for at least 4 minutes – the caffeine will help your eyes look fresh and bright again. Of course, I always opt for a holistic approach when it comes to skin health, and the same philosophy extends to the under-eye area: no smoking, as much sleep as possible, minimize exposure to stress and maintain a wholesome, anti-inflammatory diet. Lots of water is so important! It’s easy to neglect the under-eye area when it comes to sun protection, so ensure your sunscreen is applied to the skin surrounding your eyes and wear sunglasses

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