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Hands and Body

These body skincare items offer nourishing, hydrating, and dermatologist-tested formulations. They are designed for individuals who often experience dryness or have compromised skin barrier function. It is recommended to apply the body lotion shortly after bathing to effectively seal in moisture, ensuring the skin remains optimally hydrated throughout the day.
Youth Body Serum 200ml
Sold outStretch Mark and Scar corrector
Scar Therapy Sale priceR 780
BODY COMPLEX encourages mild exfoliation, leaves skin soft, toned and protected. Repairs skin barrier. Excellent for the most compromised skin conditions.
iS Clinical
Body Complex Sale priceR 1,750
Sold outexfoliating body buffing cloth
Body Buffing Cloth Sale priceR 290
Spray SPF50
Spray SPF50 Sale priceR 455
Sold outBody Sculpting Product
Sculpting Repair Sale priceR 780
extreme hydrating body lotion
Sold outLeave on Body exfoliator
Curve Body Foliant Sale priceR 920
gentle exfoliating body cream
Sold outAn effective treatment for redness, irritation and sensitive skin. Ideal for skins prone to eczema and psoriasis and for use after sunburn.
Calm Balm Sale priceR 680