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Brightening Complex

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Stop pigmentation with iS Clinical Brightening Complex a cutting-edge anti-aging formula for creating a lightened, brightened complexion. Packed with antioxidant protection this lightweight fluid reduces inflammation, disrupts further darkening and exfoliates. Norwegian kelp and bearberry extract are fused into the revolutionary complex for their potent naturally lightening properties, while natural hydrators keep your skin comfortably moisturized. 

By keeping the ingredients as safe for skin as possible, it diminishes the appearance of age spots and discolouration without increasing sensitivity to your skin. At the same time smoothing fine lines, visibly plumping your skin and targeting all 5 pathways of pigmentation. Plus, it helps to minimize the appearance of pores for a truly flawless complexion.

How to use:

Always apply Brightening complex in the morning after cleansing and before moisturizer and SPF . Apply to clean dry skin and smooth over the face and neck every morning. For best results, follow complete iS Clinical skincare regime.

Effectively improves the appearance of pigmentation. Increases skin hydration. Provides controlled exfoliation.
Brightening Complex Sale priceR 3,546