Don't forget your NECK!

One of the biggest mistakes we all make is ignoring the skin below our face. Since the skin on our neck is sensitive, thin and more prone to show signs of aging and sagging, it's important to follow your skin care routine through to your neck and chest when treating your face!

Boost collagen and smooth skin by using products specifically formulated for the neck and chest. Treatment products like iS Clinical NeckPerfect Complex minimize the appearance of redness, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.  

When you have your next skin peel or mirconeedling treatment make sure to ask your skin care therapist to include your neck and chest.

Ever heard of Tech Neck?
You phone is giving you wrinkles! Technology can have a negative impact on our skin. The repetitive habit of constantly bending your neck to look down at our phones, computers and iPads can cause the delicate skin on the neck to wrinkle and show signs of aging ( horizontal creases). Using products to help protect this delicate skin will go a long way to reduce the signs of aging.