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Article: Decoding different types of cleansers

Decoding Cleansers

Decoding different types of cleansers

Nothing feels quite as good as cleansing your face. Removing every trace of dirt, sweat, sunscreen and makeup allows the skin to breathe, repair and renew itself. A spotless surface helps your other skin care products to penetrate your skin more deeply and perform their tasks more efficiently. It's important to nail this part before even thinking about your serums and moisturizers.
With so many cleansing options available and with each one having different benefits, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Knowing the difference between each type allows you to filter your options and makes the hunt for the perfect cleanser a whole lot easier.
My favourite cleanser at the moment is the Warming Honey Cleanser from iS Clinical a rich luxurious treatment cleanser with the purest raw honey, royal jelly and propolis. Gently exfoliates and effectively cleanses at the same time.
1. Gel cleansers are clear and as the name suggests have a gel-like consistency. Generally designed for deep cleansing. They are effective at decongesting clogged pores, removing excess oil and killing acne-causing bacteria, thanks to their antiseptic and exfoliating properties.
Ideal for: Oily and combination skin.
2.Cream cleansers are usually thick, creamy and contain moisturizing ingredients like botanical oils. They gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Cream cleansers can also come in the form of “milk” or “lotion.”
Ideal for: Dry and sensitive skin
3. Micellar Cleansers
Originating in France, micellar waters feature “micelles”—or tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water—that attract oil, dirt and makeup. Another great thing about them: You don’t need to rinse them off with water.
Ideal for: Dry and sensitive skin
Try:Bioderma Micellar H20

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