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Article: Winter is coming...

winter skincare

Winter is coming...

Days are shorter and nights are cooler but is your skin care still the same?

Now would be the perfect time to see your skin care therapist... hold on sadly that's not possible during lockdown! Okay so then let's chat about some of the common skin concerns right now and what you can do at home to prep your skin for the coming winter months.

It's time to clear your skin from traces of the harsh summer sun, get rid of the dull devitalized skin that results from dead skin build up without any professional exfoliating treatments and control breakouts which at this point are commonly caused by stress! When stressed your body releases cortisol. The constant stress we are dealing with now is stress we also have no control over and therefore contant cortisol production leads to unexplained breakouts. Add to the list poor sleep, bad diet and dehydration... convinced now is the time to start sorting your skin out?

-It's important to make time for an at home facial at least once a week to keep your skin looking clear and hydrated. I love the Optiphi Refinefoliant and Hydra Derm HA Masque Combo which refreshes the skin in two easy steps.
Step 1: Refinefoliant is a mini peel packed with vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids (exfoliating enzymes) no need to work it in let the enzymes do all the work. Leave peel on for 10min.
Step 2: Apply HydraDerm HA Masque to skin for 10min or my fav sleep in a thin layer (hydrates overnight while keeping the skin looking plump and fresh).

-Stepping up serums and moisturizers in your daily regimen is key to keeping the skin looking youthful and hydrated. Serums like iS Clinical Active Serum and White Brite Serum will be a great addition to your evening routine to help improve skin texture and lighten areas that may have been affected by the summer sun. iS Clinical Youth Intensive Creme is perfect for the cooler season developed to deeply nourish and hydrate skin while gently exfoliating for increased vitality.

-Add an eye treatment to your day and night routine to moisturize while fighting signs of aging. My favourite is iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, apply a little extra to your lips as a lip treatment.

Lastly, don’t forget that what you eat and drink has a great deal of influence on your skin. Protect your skin from within by staying hydrated and increasing essential fatty acids in your diet like oils, seeds and oily fish.

There is really no need to worry about losing your summer glow this season. The right skin care will have you looking flawless all year round!

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