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Article: Smooth, flawless skin is always in!

Smooth Flawless Skin

Smooth, flawless skin is always in!

Clogged pores, bumpy t-zone, excess oil, whiteheads, blemishes, imperfections, cysts and blind pimples are the main culprits I see when treating clients. Unsure whether you suffer from congestion? Lightly run your hand across your face. If it feels bumpy, oily, rough and textured, chances are it is congested.

What causes congestion? Though often hormonal, there are a variety of factors that contribute. External factors like pollution, grime, insufficient cleansing (particularly after wearing makeup), diet, poor gut health, a buildup of excess oil/sebum and excessive sweating. 
1. Diet (is everything), I recommend sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet (think: minimal dairy, red meat, sugar, caffeine and maximum fruit, vegetables, oily fish and organic food)

2. Keep your hands off your face. Touching your face repeatedly spreads bacteria, dirt and grime which, as we know, leads to congestion
3. Implement an effective skincare routine. Ensure that you are cleansing and exfoliating properly with products formulated for oily or combination skin
4. Always double cleanse (once to remove dirt, sunscreen and make-up and once to cleanse) and exfoliate to clarify and refine the complexion. I recommend incorporating an exfoliant formulated with AHAs. I love Optiphi Active Cleanser- a deep cleansing and light exfoliating action is provided by Salicylic Acid, which targets problematic and uneven skin. Additionally, calms and desensitizes the skin, IS Clinical Cleansing Complex- gentle with mild resurfacing ingredients or iS Clinical warming honey cleanser- warming honey formula gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin and pores
5. For any active blemishes or imperfections, use a spot treatment formulated with a salicylic acid ( iS Clinical Active serum is a true winner)
6. Avoid any comedogenic makeup and skincare products, like mineral oils and lanolin, as these can clog pores.
7. Regular skin treatments!

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