Skincare tips for your 20s

It’s so important to remember that the damage you do in you 20s will come back to haunt you! Your future skin health is a reflection of past behaviour.

Remove your makeup!! I know how it is.... after a late night or an exhausting day at work or varsity, it may be tempting to just fall into bed without cleansing your face but please DON’T DO IT! Makeup particles can settle into pores and creases while skin is trying to renew itself at night, leading to wrinkles and clogged skin.

A great skincare regimen in your 20s should mostly focus on prevention to protect and maintain your lovely young complexion. A gentle cleanse in the morning, followed by an antioxidant serum to protect the skin against harmful free radicals and environmental pollution and lastly a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen moisturiser.

If you’re experiencing breakouts or congestion apply an AHA serum at night and finish with a hydrating moisturiser.

Keep it simple, layering too many products can cause breakouts, congestion, dryness and sensitivity. Here is a perfect 20s routine:

1. Cleansing complex
2. Proheal serum
3. Extreme Protect spf40

1. Cleansing Complex
2. Active serum
3. HydraDerm Ha Masque