Hyperpigmentation/ brown patches and dark marks can be caused by excessive sun exposure, hormone imbalances, inflammation and injury to the skin. Pigmentation most commonly appears on

the face, neck and chest and is notoriously difficult to treat.

Before you can treat your pigmentation, you need to know what type you have. Those with fair skin are more prone to sun-induced pigment and people with olive complexions can be more susceptible to post-inflammatory pigment. Women who are pregnant, who take the oral contraceptive pill or who are on hormone replacement therapy or IVF are more likely to suffer from hormone induced pigmentation, aka melasma or chloasma.

Hyperpigmentation will often appear as we become older as our melanocytes (the cells that produce pigment) increase in size as we age. Younger skin can be at risk of pigment from sun damage-that cute spray of freckles across the nose and cheeks can become more dense, causing uneven tone and darkness to the face. Melasma caused by the pill is very common in younger women.



In salon I like to combine skin peels with light therapy to gradually break down the pigment, brighten the complexion and unify skin tone.

At home use the BRIGHTENING DUO

BRIGHTENING COMPLEX is a distinctive formula that brightens the appearance of the skin with beneficial moisturising properties. Apply in your AM routine, after your antioxidant treatment serum.


BRIGHTENING SERUM is a lightweight and easily absorbed serum that helps address all pigmentation concerns. Apply in your PM regimen.

Unless you want to end up right back where you started, there's no use booking in for clinical treatments if you continue to skip the SPF. Diligent sun protection is vital in managing all types of hyperpigmentation, this is where it starts!