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Article: iS Clincal Conscious Consumption and Product Safety

Conscious consumption

iS Clincal Conscious Consumption and Product Safety

I often receive questions on product safety and sustainability.

iS CLINICAL during Pregnancy:

Many women dedicate a significant portion of their lives to pregnancy. Changes in the skin are common during this time. Acne breakouts, melasma and other changes in the skin are frequently experienced. This brings the skincare regimen into sharp focus and questions arise regarding what skincare products are safe to use.

iS CLINICAL products are non-systemic, meaning they are not absorbed into the bloodstream. This means iS CLINICAL is safe to use during pregnancy.

What about Retinol? It is usually advised to discontinue any form of retinol use while pregnant. During pregnancy, excessive amounts of Vitamin A or derivatives taken internally, could be teratogenic. Some iS CLINICAL products contain Vitamin A or retinyl esters, such as retinyl palmitate. However, iS CLINICAL products containing Vitamin A or its derivatives are not systemically absorbed and are safe during pregnancy.

Although changes to the skin during pregnancy are inevitable, it is reassuring to know that there are safe products to effectively treat these various skin concerns.

Animal Testing and Cruelty-Free:

Conscious consumption has become a huge part of the overall wellness trend, people are educating themselves more on the ingredients that they put in or on their bodies. Clean beauty has greatly emerged in response for greater transparency, sustainability, and healthy options.

iS Clinical products contain ingredients obtained only from non-animal sources except for honey in WARMING HONEY CLEANSER. This product contains honey made by bees pollinating natural California blossoms and is cruelty-free. These hives are maintained by compassionate and knowledgeable beekeepers who only harvest the honey overflow not consumed by the bees. This allows the hives to remain healthy and thrive.

None of our products are tested on animals and iS Clinical is a cruelty-free company. Maintaining the highest ethical standards remains a top priority.

iS CLINICAL and Children:

All ingredients are of only the highest quality iS Clinical are fully committed to the health and safety of their consumers. For this reason, there are products that may assist with juvenile skin concerns. They recommend regenerative or protective iS CLINICAL products for children:

For all children less than 6 months of age, physician recommendations should be followed. Some product regimes are not appropriate for children.

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