iS Clinical

Ultimate Protection Duo (Buy Extreme Protect SPF40 and get Liprotect spf35 free)

R 1,700

iS Clinical's Ultimate Protection Duo pairs two groundbreaking formulas to restore and protect the skin. The set includes an antioxidant-rich lip balm that protects and conditions the delicate skin on the lips while the face sunscreen provides soothing hydration and UVA and UVB protection on all skin types. 

Ultimate Protection Duo includes:

  • Liprotect SPF 35: An antioxidant-rich lip balm that protects and conditions lips.
  • Extreme Protect SPF 40: A sunscreen that provides all-physical broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Key Ingredients:

  • Transparent Titanium Dioxide Dispersion (Liprotect SPF 35): a dispersion of hydrophobic (water-resistant) titanium dioxide that provides high SPF efficacy with true transparency on the skin
  • Vitamin E (Extreme Protect SPF 40): moisturizer and potent lipophilic antioxidant inhibit DNA damage, thymine dimer formation, inflammation, and oxidative damage. Protects against UV-induced photodamage

Key Benefits:

  • Offers powerful broad-spectrum protection while minimizing the visible effects of photodamage and pollutants (Liprotect SPF 35)
  • Hydrates, repairs and protects the skin during sun exposure (Extreme Protect SPF 40

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